Saturday, September 4, 2010


Montréal Angels 3.8 8.10 11.15 11.17 (83)
Edmonton Emus 0.1 0.2 0.3 1.5 (11)

Goals: Angels – Aimee Legault 7, Jessie Matiaszuk 2, Michelle Roast 1, Lindsay Belzie 1

Match Summary:
The second annual Canadian Women’s National titles kicked off in Laval, Québec as a head to head Montréal v Edmonton winner takes all final. It would be the first time one of the newly formed east teams would take on one of the powerhouse teams from the west. The Angels suffered a set-back before the match started with star forward Uche Aghaulor unable to play. The Edmonton team boasted some exceptional talent, Alice Broughton: 2010 All-Australian player and Beck Jones (Calgary Kookaburras) Canadian team representative. The Angels knew that they were in for a tough afternoon and would have to play their best to compete. The Angels welcomed goal sneak Elaine Gilmore and talented defence player Jessie Matiaszuk (2010 preseason cup winners with the Angels) into the team as well as rookie first gamers Megan Dietrich and Elisa.

Under overcast skies and a strong breeze favouring one end Angel’s captain Margo Legault won the toss and elected to kick with the wind. Lindsay Belzie immediately stamped her authority in the ruck and gave the Legault sisters first use of the ball. Driving the ball forward Michelle ‘Roasty’ Roast in an unfamiliar role in the forward line was sensational, leading well and becoming the Angels focal point up front. After a few behinds Roasty had put her first major on the board and the Angels had jumped out to an early lead. The Angels continued to drive the ball forward but some good defensive work from the Emus made scoring goals difficult. Another behind to the Angels and Edmonton quickly rebounded the ball. The Emus finally registering their first score for the quarter. Working the ball along the wing through their stars Broughton and Jones and scoring a behind. Montréal once again drove the ball forward, Margo Legault starting to flex her muscle through the midfield and the Angels were able to register two more goals through Belzie and Aimee Legault who was beginning to dominate the game along with her sister in the centre. The Emus had their chances to score but superb defending by Ash ‘Smasher’ Gasperino and Mimi Eboka shut down all their forward momentum. The Angels taking a handy 25 point lead into quarter time. Angels 3.8 (26) to Emus 0.1 (1).

Kicking against the wind the Angels defence would have their work cut out for them in the second quarter. With a stiff breeze still blowing Aimee Legault stepped her game up a gear and took the game by the scruff of the neck. Jessie Matiaszuk came off the bench and the two Angels would register 5 goals between them for the quarter. Megan Dietrich assisting up forward in a classy display on debut. Another first gamer Elisa would help the backline players rotations and help restrict the Emus to a single behind for the term. As the half-time siren sounded the scoreboard read Angels 8.10 (58) to the Emus 0.2 (2), The girls from Montréal on the verge of a massive upset with an incredible 56 point lead.

Coach Luke Anderson pleaded with his troops for their biggest effort yet in the third term. The chance of putting the game out of reach of the Emus the reward. The quarter began, Belzie orchestrating the centre clearances with her sublime ruck work. Dani Anderson was working her way into the game up forward with some clever touches and before long the Angels had registered a goal through Aimee Legault, her fifth for the afternoon. Jessie changed into the midfield and continued the domination, Margo Legault playing a pivotal role through the centre both offensively and defensively simply outclassing her opponent, providing quality possessions time after time. An Emu player collapsed with exhaustion who after bravely taking the field with an illness would incredibly return soon after to reflect the heart of her Edmonton team. With Elaine Gilmore now providing another option up forward the Angels on the back of some great forward line team-work managed to register two more goals along with a number of behinds. Alice Broughton of the Emus fighting hard but Edmonton only able to add their third behind of the game in the quarter, heading into three quarter time 78 points down, Angels 11.15 (81) to Emus 0.3 (3).

Giving the rookies some extra game time in the final term Elisa was thrown into the midfield in her first match. Rather than be daunted by the challenge she took the opportunity with both hands. Elisa, racking up possessions, taking on her opponents and putting on a display akin to that of a veteran star player. Rookie Megan Dietrich also began to grow in confidence, taking marks and reading the play with exceptional ease. The travel weary Edmonton Emus, with injury concerns had not given up all day and despite limping into the final term were determined to fight to the end. The Emus using the wind began to get some forward momentum and registered another behind, some good teamwork on the Emu’s forward line earned them their first goal of the match, a just reward for a team that simply refused to give anything less than 110%. In a true reflection of both teams commitment and effort for the day, in the closing seconds of the game, with the result already decided. A high ball was kicked along the wing. Alice Broughton and Mimi Eboka running towards each other eyes only for the ball would not give an inch as the pair fearlessly attempted to mark the ball. The two girls running into each other at full speed. After initial fears of a serious injury to Eboka she was able to return to her feet to the loud applause of the crowd, the game restarting for the final few seconds, the siren sounding the end and confirmation of the new 2010 Canadian champions – the Montréal Angels.

Best on Ground medallion for the Angels was awarded to Aimee Legault who kicked 7 goals, and Best on Ground for Edmonton went to Alice Broughton. Special thanks to assistant coach Ronan Shaughnessy who played a big part in the girls victory.